3 Ways to Save Prep Time

Hey y’all! I’m sharing 3 tips for minimizing your time spent prepping for lessons in this blog post. I’ve been so busy with life, I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have some tips and new ways to incorporate technology in your classroom! I am a big believer in getting as much planning and grading done as I can at school during school hours because I refuse to take work home with me. HOLLA if you are with me! I have a responsibility to my family before work so I don’t do weekend/take home crafts and projects. You can use all or some of these whether you are using Google classroom or not and if you are a 1:1 classroom or no matter the number of devices that you have access to. Save yourself some time and get back to your family.

These 3 tips are the basics of how I save time using technology in my classroom. Using Google Drive with or without Google classroom, I can plan, assign, and assess which gives me more time to spend at home with my family.

1Use technology to plan! Creating a spreadsheet inside of Google Drive is ideal. Why? First of all it is easy to use, especially if you are familiar with Microsoft Excel. It is portable so you can work on it from any device and though I am not a fan of taking work home, if you need to make emergency sub plans, this feature comes in handy! You can see what lessons you had planned on a device at home (or even your phone). If you want to get a jump start on creating your digital planner, check out the pre-made planner I have available. You can also use Google drive to collect student information from parents or make detailed guided reading lesson plans.


3Use technology to assign! Even if you don’t have Google Classroom, you can assign students work inside of Google Drive. It is a little tricky, but if you want to use digital notebooks and files it is possible. First you need a Google account that you are comfortable giving students access to, maybe you need to create a new account just for that purpose. When you upload a file to that Google Drive account, copy the file as many times as needed for each student to have their own copy. Now, before you give them access to it, you need to rename each file with their name or number being the first part of the name (so they can easily which one is theirs). So instead of using time and paper at the copy machine, find assignments that can be done digitally if you have access to devices. You can also find “Choose Your Own Adventure” units like this Mayflower Edition of The Great Race that does not require the students to be logged in to a Google account, is self paced, and ready to go.



Use technology to assess and grade! Google Forms is such an amazing tool! I use it for spelling tests, timed multiplication drills, multiple choice comprehension assignments, and more. You can use the add-on “Flubaroo” to automatically grade assignments or use the “Quizzes” feature within Google Forms to grade the assignment. The quizzes feature only allows for multiple choice questions, while Flubaroo allows typed responses and hand-grading on some assignments.

If you would like to learn more about how to use your Google Drive to manage your classroom and save time, download this freebie tutorial series!





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