Favorite Chapter Books for Third Grade

This list of 3rd grade chapter books will be my go-to list for book clubs all year! There are also some great digital reading comprehension activities will make incorporating technology easy!

Why Chapter Books?

Y’all 3rd grade reading can be tough! 3rd graders know how to read for the most part, so this is the year they get tested on it… and it can make them hate to read! I have found that using chapter books for third grade reading groups and comprehension can help instill a love of reading that will last even though they are tested. This list of favorite chapter books for third grade will help you plan your reading block for the year. I’m listing these chapter books by level for those who want to consider them for reading groups, however I do not believe in limiting students to any particular book level… choice is everything!

Which chapter books are best for third grade?

This list of chapter books for third grade will be my go-to list for book clubs all year! There are also some great digital reading comprehension activities will make incorporating technology easy!

3rd graders love to read about kids that are their age, animals, funny stories, and they really love series! These books are easy for them to make connections with and that will keep them engaged. Favorite authors and classics are good choices as well. (This post contains affiliate links in which I could earn a small commission from.)

Level M Chapter Books

Third graders should be reading at least a level M at the beginning of the year. The Magic Treehouse series and Bailey School Kids series are some favorite series. The historical settings and events of Magic Treehouse books challenge students and engage them in action packed reading.  Freckle Juice by Judy Blume is a great back to school novel about being yourself and an author that students will want to read again and again. It’s a quick and easy read making it a good choice for struggling readers or a read aloud that you can finish up in a few days.

Level N Chapter Books

Flat Stanley is the first of a series of books that feature a young boy who gets to travel to many adventurous places. The books are fairly easy to read, engaging, and great for our independent readers. The Chocolate Touch is a classic that 3rd graders love because… who doesn’t love chocolate??? The A to Z Mysteries series is a winner with 3rd graders for sure! The first book in the series “Detective Camp” covers the basics of detective work while real crime takes place! This series will keep your students reading all year long!

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Level O Chapter Books

 Socks is a classic, sweet tale of a precarious kitten living the good life… until the baby arrives! It’s a funny and inspiring tale that will leave your students craving more Beverly Cleary. Keep feed their love of books and all things Beverly Cleary with The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Runaway Ralph.


Level P Chapter Books

Third grade angels is a fun story about becoming a third grader, struggling with right and wrong, and being a good sport.  Wayside Stories and Bad Kitty are series that will get your third graders rolling on the floor laughing.

Level Q Chapter Books

Continue the Judy Blume love with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing , the first of the Fudge series which will be loved by your 3rd graders. Bunnicula is the first in classic series that is unlike anything your students will ever read. The I Survived series is addicting! Students choose these books because they are interested in the topic and the stories draw them in. Be sure to include this series in your 3rd grade library.

Level R Chapter Books

Shiloh is part of a series that my students always love! It can be a little sad, and has a few “bad words” so be ready for that. Comparing and contrasting the two boys in the story is one great way to incorporate comprehension. The classic novel Charlotte’s Web is a wonderful tale of friendship and sacrifice. You can ask your students many cause and effect questions during this study. Frindle tells about the  relationship between a stern, traditional teacher and her student who has a clever idea that becomes a “problem.” There are lots of opportunities to discuss character traits throughout the story.

If you are going to be incorporating technology this year, you’ll want to check out all of the activities that I have created to go with many of these chapter books.

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