About Me

Hey there teacher friends! Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to find out what my page is about! I am here to share time saving resources with all you intentional teachers out there! What does that mean? When I say intentional, I am talking about all you teachers who do things with a purpose… purpose-driven teachers. Are you a purpose-driven teacher? I’m thinking if you are here, you are my kind of teacher! My passion is creating digital resources that help me intentionally use technology in my classroom.  We don’t just use an app for the sake of using it, we use apps and resources that fit a purpose in our instruction. We don’t just consume technology, we want our students to create with technology! We are creating the global citizens of tomorrow who have skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the world. Our 21st century learners will be working in jobs that we can’t even imagine today. But, we can make sure that they learn critical thinking skills, creativity, problem solving skills, and communication skills. Just like teachers, they will need to adapt to whatever their jobs demand of them… WE GOT THIS TEACHERS!

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