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Teaching Citizenship: A Civic Duty

Today is the day that a new president is sworn in and yet our country is greatly divided. As teachers, we have a great task ahead of not only doing our best to teach unity and tolerance, but also of teaching about civic duties! It is never too early to start instilling a love of […]

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Bucket Filling and Valentines Day

When I first stumbled upon the “bucket filling” idea it was close to Valentine’s Day. The whole idea blew my mind, but then the thought of incorporating it into Valentine’s Day really intrigued me. AND at this point in the year the students and I could all use a gentle reminder of how to treat […]

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It’s Going to Be a Hairy Week!

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s going to be a Hairy Week for me! My class will learning all about animal hair with some of these fun books!  What If You Had Animal Hair is a fun book full of animal hair facts. My students LOVE the illustrations of the kids with animal hair on their bodies! I […]

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Presidents Packet

Here is a preview of my presidents packet I will be uploading this weekend. If you catch it the first 48 hours you will get it at half price, $1.50!!!! That’s an amazing value for the 12 activities that includes all of the activities listed on this page from the preview. The entire packet can […]


No better time to teach about healthy eating!

Now that students have tons of candy waiting on them at home and we all begin to talk about and want for that big Thanksgiving feast… why not take a few days to teach about healthy eating?                                                    Click here to purchase on TpT for $2!!! Reading comprehension activities that help students learn and understand […]