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6 Storage Ideas for Technology Tools and Flexible Seating Classrooms

Teaching in a tiny 1:1 classroom inspired me to give flexible seating, both of these situations pose unique storage dilemmas. I’m going to share a few ideas for storage in a classroom with flexible seating that are working in my classroom with you today.

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Teaching Citizenship: A Civic Duty

Today is the day that a new president is sworn in and yet our country is greatly divided. As teachers, we have a great task ahead of not only doing our best to teach unity and tolerance, but also of teaching about civic duties! It is never too early to start instilling a love of […]

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Go Paperless this Year

Are you looking for a way to go paperless? These interactive notebooks and google drive based units will save you paper, and time. No prep, no paper, and easy grading with these easy to use digital resources.

Hey y’all! I keep on talking about GOING PAPERLESS, but I’m so excited I just can’t hide it. I am getting ready to GO PAPERLESS this school year and QUIT RUNNING TO THE COPY MACHINE and END THE NONSENSE of bringing things home to grade! NOW you get to check out a limited time FREEBIE […]

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Going Paperless!

Hey y’all! So I know we are just finishing up this school year, but I am very excited about ONE THING coming to my classroom next year… going paperless with our 1:1 ipads for my 2nd graders! Last year I had 5 ipads so I used them for centers. This year I had 11 iPads and […]

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Using Google Forms For Classroom Management

How I save tons of time and worry from paper work using google forms and sheets. Some of my best classroom management tips!

Hey y’all! I have a little obsession with google docs and google drive here lately! These tools make my life so much easier… and I can reduce my worries about losing paperwork! (If only I could completely eliminate it… but some things will NEVER go digital, sad face!) I’m going to share some of the […]

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That’s a Wrap! End of Year Student Gifts… FOR FREE!

This is such an easy way for students/teachers to create presentations. Even primary students can publish with ease because of the voice recording feature. Teachers can make lasting end of the year gifts for free and share online using the secure url!

Hey y’all! I know you are all super tired, stressed out and ready to check out! Next Friday will be my last day and I’m soooooooo ready! So this time of year we are trying to finish up end of year testing, finalize paperwork, get grades in, host a multitude of festivities, and make special […]